Library rules and fees in english

Lending rules for adults
(16 years old and older)

Borrowing from the library is free. You need to have a library card. Show your identification and we will arrange a free library card while you wait. The library card is valid for all libraries in Nacka and you may return the books you borrow at any Nacka library.

You are personally responsible for your card and for what you borrow. The parent or guardian is responsible for what its child borrows. Children receive their cards in conjunction with their visit to the library when they are 7 years of age. The library card is a valuable document and you should therefore block it if you have lost it.

The return date appears on the receipt you receive when you borrow. Save it! If no one is in line for what you have borrowed, you can extend the time for its return.

Books which are lent out or which are available at another library in Nacka or another library in Sweden can in many cases be ordered. To order a book from outside of Nacka Municipality costs SEK 30/book. You will receive notice by mail, SMS or e-mail when the book is available to be picked up at the library.

If you return what you have borrowed too late,the library will take a lateness fee. You can ask to receive an overtime warning via SMS or e-mail. In the event of a total indebtedness of SEK 100, your ability to borrow will be blocked.If you destroy or lose a book you must replace it. As a borrower you are responsible to inform yourself about our rules. Borrowing or indebtedness that is not resolved may lead to the right to borrow being withdrawn, and the matter may be handed over for debt collection.

Borrowing rules for children and youths

Borrowing is free. You may borrow as many books as you like and you may keep them for four weeks. If you are not finished with a book, and if no one else has ordered it, you may borrow it again.

Your library card is valid at all of Nacka’s libraries. Take care of your library card! You are responsible for books that are borrowed using your card. Let the library know if the card is stolen or if you can’t find it.

Return the books on time, others may want to borrow them. You may return your books at whichever library in Nacka you want to. If the books are delayed, you will receive a reminder via SMS or e-mail. If you destroy or lose a book you must replace it.

Let the library know if you change your address or telephone number.

From the day you turn 16, the same borrowing rules apply to you as apply to adults.

Always bring your library card when you go to the library.

You are warmly welcome!


Fees for ordering
Remote loans (from libraries outside of Nacka Municipality): SEK 30

Lateness fees (applies to borrowers 16 years old and older)
Per adult media and commenced week: SEK 10
Per magazine issue and commenced week: SEK 5
Per adult media which requires a fee (is rented out) and day: SEK 10
Maximum amount per return event: SEK 250

Replacement fees
Adult book/sound book: SEK 175
Child’s book: SEK 100
Adult magazine: SEK 50
Child’s magazine: SEK 10
Film and TV-game: SEK 500
Media will be replaced for the indicated amount or for the acquisition cost if that is a higher amount.

Other fees
Rental tv-game: SEK 20